Transform web pages into actionable business insights

Why us?

Focus on what matters

Focus on growing your business rather than worrying about the complexities of acquiring business intelligence from the web data.

No Lock-in

There is no vendor lock-in as we use great open source technologies developed by great companies to build the web intelligence solutions.

Cost savings

Pay for what you use and save a ton of money on technology, infrastructure, and human resource. Power to you!

Built to scale

Gowing fast and want to scale? Don't worry, we've got everything covered, including, technology, people, and infrastructure.

Collect Data easily

No need of superhuman engineering skills to collect data from various data sources. Your data is an API call away.

Clean Data

Get clean and ready to use data which went through a series of computer-aided and manual Quality assurance process.


Sales intelligence

Find quality leads, reduce sales cycles and close more deals by providing your sales team with a fresh insight of customer information and sales triggers.

News & Content aggregation

Aggregate and normalize news from any number of web sources to provide contextual information to your readers. Simply Innovate the whole reading experience.

Marketing intelligence

Stay informed of the key market developments and get access to reliable Marketing intelligence that will help you to plan and execute highly targeted B2B marketing campaigns.

Competitive & Pricing intelligence

Collect intelligence on products, price, customers, reputation and competitors to develop a data-driven growth strategy for your company.                                              

Web crawling & Scraping

Extract structured data from highly complex web pages at unbelievable speeds to power up your mobile app , Web app or any data augmented product.

Social media data

Listen to what people are saying on social media and build great apps and analyse trends using data from social media sites like twitter, Linkedin, facebook and many more.

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